At MALWA Gwalior, we seek self-motivated individuals who believe in charting their own methods of learning, who take full advantage of the opportunities, and are willing to contribute their very best. They will join a rewarding network of scholars, advisors, academia and alumni who have attained some of the most coveted positions in the industry and society in India. Education at MALWA Gwalior is filled with challenges and rewards limited only by the boundaries of your energy, imagination and the willingness to take challenges.

We believe in involving our students as collaborators, stakeholders and colleagues; after all there is so much to learn from each other both within the classroom as well as outside. MALWA Gwalior campus is ever bubbling with creativity of world renowned Artists in different disciplines interacting with our students. Scholars, Heads of Govts., Noble laureates, Policy makers and opinion framers & Vice-Chancellors keep visiting us at regular intervals to guide and inspire students and staff.

The campus is perceived as hub of academic & artistic activities with no parallel around. I invite you to be a part of the fraternity in these challenging yet promising times and contribute towards creating a harmonious, peaceful and rewarding future.

My best wishes to principal staff and students for doing a commendable task.

Dr. Bushra Malik


Malwa Academy

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