Human Resource Management

The HRM program aspires to bring all contemporary HR processes like Performance Management, Compensation Management, HR Audit, Negotiation Skills and Managing Diversity together to equip students with best HR practices.

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In today’s changing scenario, the HR function has grown to become a key component of organizational strategy. As businesses constantly evolve, the dynamics of HR must also keep pace. This is possible only when an organization’s most valued assets i.e employees are capable of seeing the bigger picture thereby help organizations gain a competitive advantage.

With a PGDM in HRM, students would be able to understand the importance of HR in today’s world. Specialized courses in the HR curriculum build an intricate web comprising recruitment, mentoring, training and employee performance and management. From time to time students are provided with necessary inputs in form of latest developments in HR field. They are also encouraged to indulge in field research to gain practical insights about the subject.

Recruitment & Selection
Training & Management Development
Performance Management System
Industrial Relations & Labor Law
Compensation Management

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