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Be holding credibility of education in material sense is most critical of all. These days the competition is severe and needs a lot of perseverance to accomplish your vision. At the same time academic excellence alone is not the license to a sale journey, the success depends on how one's mental and physical abilities excel in the face of competition.

TNP cell will play a very important role in providing students with the knowledge of latest of corporate world needs and guiding them for the best of their academic future, advanced studies and employment opportunities.

For This Purpose training & Placement Cell has been established in the Collage. This Year it has negotiated with the following organizations to impart training to our students.

Central Training & Placement Cell (More than 600 successful placements till now)

The Malwa group which comprises of Malwa Institute Technology & Management, Gwalior, Malwa Institute of Science & Technology, Indore, Malwa Institute of Technology, Indore has a Central Training and Placement Cell (CTP) which works centrally in coordination with T&P Cells of group Institutes to facilitate training and placement to every student of Malwa group. The CTP is an integral part of Malwa Group as a department by itself. The establishment of CTP cell is an important link between students and industry that guides their career path & developments. The CTP endeavors to develop professional attitude, perspective, ethics, personality development, team building, group activations, mock interview sessions and leadership abilities in students. The Cell is composed of a TPO, Asst. TPO & a campus drive coordinator. Previously more than 600+ students have been placed globally from CTP and are serving in the industry at national and international levels.


  • The potential of on individual, if duly nurtured, results in success. Our Personality development  Programme injects into the young learners the necessary drive to attain success and inspires them to moke the seedbed for it. The programme boosts their confidence, hones their soft skills and encourages them to develop a positive attitude.
  • Grooming the next generation of potential leaders is our top priority. If leadership through learning is our goal, our Leadership Development Programmed is one of the ways to work towards the goal. The programme facilitates the development of those skills that are integral to efficacious leadership.
  • Developing o culture of entrepreneurial thinking is the need of the hour. And one effective way to do it is to motivate the young learners to choose entrepreneurships their career. With a view to generating "self-employment" and inculcating the spirit of self-reliance among the students. 

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